In the world there are many people who love to keep the cats as a pet. There is no one in the world who does not love the cats. Domestic cats look so innocent and cute in the home. If you are have a cat in your house then you must take care of it properly. Cats are very sensitive about territory and do not recognize every part of it all the time. When the cats spray, it creates a major problem for the pet owners. It is very important for the people to stop the cat spraying. It leaves the scents on furniture, wall, in bedroom and other indoor places. The scent is form of communication of cats but it takes lots of time to recognize the old scent. Cat sprayingis really a terrible thing that causeslots of problems for the cats as well as for the pet owners too.

cat spraying

Know ways to stop spraying

There are two ways of using the urine to make the territory marking. The territory marking of cat spraying is on the vertical surface. Cats used to urinate on the horizontal surface. If you want to know why your cat spraying indoor you must checkout its action and behave. Due to health problems the cat starts spraying in indoor place and spoils all the furniture and other places.

Solve the cat spraying problem

It is very important to check upon the health of kitty and take directly to the doctor. It take times to solve the cat spraying problem but if you take proper care of your cat then surely it stops spraying in the indoor places. You can avoid the soiled places to eliminate the cat spraying which make the territory mark. When the problem will solve you can play with your cat again.